Monday, January 19, 2009

Survey Results: KB, BB, or Rings?

The results are tabulated.

If you could only have one piece of gym equipment, would you pick:
  • a kettlebell of your choice?
  • properly-mounted gym rings?
  • barbell with adequate weights?
I must say, I had NO idea what to expect from the survey.  I figured there would be proponents of all three.  The KB is portable, versatile, and comfortable. There are a million KB exercises to pick from.  The gym rings can be adjusted to allow for pullups, rows, dips, pushups, muscle ups, "the ice cream maker," and a bunch of gymnastics levers and moves that boggle my mind.  Also, gym rings can be used for "suspension training" (more on that in a later post). Lastly, the barbell's advantage is that the load (weight) can change for different movements, specifically for pure strength work.  It is also very versatile, as the plates can be used by themselves for things like farmer's walk, swings, TGUs...let the imagination run wild. 

Personal note: My vote was for gym rings. I decided the pulling movements (such as pullups and inverted rows) are too important to neglect. After doing 30 days of the Prison Workout, I realized that bodyweight and gravity can be challenging enough.

So the results:
  1. Barbell set: 55%
  2. Gym Rings: 26%
  3. Kettlebell: 17%

Congratulations Barbell. You win!

There is a new poll/survey in the right column. Be sure to vote!

If I were deserted on an island, what ONE thing would I pick to have with me?
  • Multi-tool (Gerber/Leatherman/Swiss Army)
  • Water purifier
  • Loaded revolver
  • Tent and a bag of clothes
  • Fishing rod and gear

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