Monday, April 6, 2009

Group Workout Email List

I'm changing the way group email notices go out for our group outdoor workouts.

The best way for you to get onto the email list is to send me an email at

I have hopes that this new process will ensure only those who wish to receive the notices are the ones receiving them. The new system should alleviate some headaches from trying to keep everyone updated on the times and dates of sessions. Still the most accurate and timely way to check for these outdoor sessions is by checking this blog's righthand column under "Upcoming Events."

It's been great having so many people interested in the workouts. The group is quite diverse. You'll never know who you'll be training with on any given day: triathlete, housewife, SWAT operator, MMA fighter, marathoner, office worker, police officer, mom, former military, firefighter. As the participation level increases, so does my energy!! Keep coming out!

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