Saturday, April 4, 2009

Get outside!

With memberships to huge mega gyms, everyone feels the guilt to go inside. Well on a beautiful day like today...get outside!!

This morning, Jim Q backed up his truck and unloaded plenty of equipment for an outdoor WO. The above photo has Jim doing thrusters, Kristen doing parallette dips, Joal doing KB swings, and Anna is probably in the background climbing the huge staircase. Due to some scheduling conflicts, we had a group out at 8am and another at 9am. Great to see so many new faces joining the ranks.

Use your creativity to design a workout in the fresh air. Being couped up inside a gym is not what fitness is about.


Anonymous said...

great day for a workout

Anna said...

Love the picture and sure enough if you blow it up , I am in the middle of the staircase.Thanks for the invite,it was a pleasure to meet you Thursday-look forward to more work outs. Anna

Tim said...

Are beginners welcome?

It was a nice day though so I did a prairie path workout: squats, run to next lamp post, pushups, run, etc for 20 minutes. Rest 5 and ride 14 miles.

The runs turned into jogs which turned into walks and the headwind on the way back made me weep but at least I was active.

Louis Hayes said...

We get beginners each week. Post your email, and I will send you some homework to read. Understanding how this stuff "works" is critical to getting the most out of it.

saluki450 said...


The first time I trained with Lou & Co. I puked over a railing and only completed three rounds... Now, well, I still feel like puking, but I'm definately seeing an improvement. Now I'm addicted.