Thursday, April 2, 2009

Firefighting Circuit

I had the pleasure to jump into a workout with a group of firefighters yesterday. This group is big into functionality...just like me. Their workouts generally consist of a circuit, with some stations being job-task simulations. Yesterdays workout was:
  • 4 rounds
  • 60 seconds each:
  • Versa-Climber
  • Medicine ball decline situps with twist
  • Axe swings (actual axe handle attached to waist-level cable stack)
  • 95# barbell clean-and-press
  • Heavy bag rescues (lifts from ground to shoulder, alternating shoulders)
  • Medicine ball wood choppers (ground to overhead, straight-legged)
  • Rest
This was a 27-minute hell. Most every station required engagement of core musculature... completely taxing:
  • Trunk flexion
  • Trunk rotation
  • Trunk extension
Compliments have to go out to those guys, even if they're on the other side of the public safety house ;)   In the gym, the firefighters have a pike pole, axe handle, and hose w/nozzle that all are modified to clip into a cable stack.  They adjust the height of the cable pulley  and orient their bodies to simulate tasks needed for rescue and fighting fire.  They also have an  air (SCBA) tank to wear during other exercises.

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