Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gym: "The Cage"

Here's a photo of the Oak Brook (IL) Police Department gym.  At first glance it looks pretty rudimentary. But if you learned it didn't even exist 4 weeks ago, it's come a long way!

The department has a brand new voluntary physical fitness program.  The program members affectionately refer to their new workout space as "The Cage." It's a very fitting name. The wire grate "walls" are still up from when this area was used to secure cars and other large items for evidence processing.  When the weather turns nice, the overhead door opens into a parking area. 

The program is still acquiring equipment and more floor space. For now, they make the best out of a dip tower, kettlebells, a truck tire, medicine balls, gymnastics rings, plyo boxes, dumbbells, and an Oly weight set.  In theme with other functional fitness gyms, a whiteboard posts workouts, scores, and times. Department members have reached into their own pockets to pay for various pieces of equipment. 

The department fitness committee members are open to lots of new ideas especially within the field of "functional fitness." These officers are setting the bar high for other police agencies. Their original program has the structure to be used as a template for others to follow. It includes periodic benchmark testing, goals and objectives, and encourages mass participation.  

I look forward to seeing the future at The Cage.

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