Sunday, May 24, 2009

Equipment: Portable Pullup Bar

So I had my first experience on the portable pullup bar made by Again Faster.   Tom G brought his out to one of our group sessions.  Until I saw it, I had kidded Tom about being "the man on the flying trapeze."  But after I ripped out a set of pullups with "the greatest of ease," I knew this was a great product.

For some of you, doing pullups is limited by terrain...not having a pullup station. Well this might fix that problem.  For $85, you get a solid bar with independently adjusted strapping (for even or uneven mounting options).  The bar's diameter is what I would consider ideal for my hand size.  It easily fits into a sedan's trunk for transportation. It uses any number of mounting options, including strapping alone or D-ring attachments. There is enough strapping length to lower it for inverted rows or as a "limbo" hurdle for lateral lunges.

I know $85 is steep. I could probably make the same for cheaper, but my days of working a drill press are over. Whether you buy one commercially, or make one in the shop, it's a solid investment.

Pulling is one of the seven primary movement patterns. Do not let equipment limit your training program.

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