Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poll Results: Workout alone, with a partner, or in a big group?.

I had posed a question a few weeks ago. I was a bit surprised by the results.

I would rather workout...
  • alone - 35%
  • with one partner - 39%
  • in a big group - 17%
I thought that "in a big group" might be picked in the functional fitness community because of the industry's frequent "group class" structure.  CrossFit gyms generally use an every-hour-on-the-hour schedule for their classes.

I did not expect "alone" to be so high.  I know I push myself to greater efforts when I have at least one partner. I actually voted for "with one partner," assuming s/he to be a worthy competitor and motivator!!

On to the next poll....please vote in the right column.

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