Thursday, July 16, 2009

Exercise of the Week: KB Pummeling

Today's session included three movements, one of which was KETTLEBELL PUMMELING. Dan E sent me this video a few months ago, but hadn't incorporated it into one of our workouts until today.

At one point I recall uttering, "I'm not exactly sure what this is doing other than kicking my butt!" Much like most of kettlebelling, there is no one specific muscle group that is being targeted here. The shoulders, forearms, traps, abs, and glutes all find themselves under tension at one time or another during the movement. The rotational aspect of pummeling is unique. Of the seven basic movement patters, trunk rotation (or anti-rotational) is likely the most ignored. It seems as though most rotational exercises are done with such a light load/weight that little progress is made in this arena. Thoughts?

For starters, you need two matching KBs of a proper weight. We used 40#KBs today...which was a decent weight. I also recommend using a space large enough to allow all that funky movement. Then make sure there isn't foot traffic around...someone is bound to get whacked with a swinging KB if they're not paying attention. Getting smashed with a 40# pendulum is going to leave a mark!

Try KB pummeling. It's a complete departure from what most of think of when we hear weight training!

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Brendan said...

Louis: Somehow my email address did not reach you. I was out at Swallow with my son Brendan last week.

Please put me on your dsistribution list for workouts.

Thank you,