Sunday, July 19, 2009

Poll Results...and New Question Posted

Results are in from the most recent online poll. My fitness weakness is...
  • 13% - Gymnastics (or BW exercises)
  • 7% - WOW! I'm so out of shape!
  • 7% - Aerobic endurance
  • 5% - Anaerobic work capacity
  • 4% - General strength
  • 3% - Coodination, Agility, Athleticism
I can see how "gymnastics and bodyweight exercises" took top honors on this one. However, I had imagined more balance among all the options. Frequently as adults mature, they begin to lose athleticism and agility. Also, anaerobic work capacity is something that is rarely targeted outside of specific sport training/conditioning. One almost never sees anaerobic training at a health club. As always, I enjoyed watching the numbers come in as our readers voted.

Please check out our newest poll question in the right column:
Moisture-wicking performance clothing like UnderArmor or it worth the price, or just a scam??

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