Sunday, July 26, 2009

StrongMan competition

Lifetime Fitness in Orland Park, IL, hosted a StrongPerson competition. Enough with the gender-neutral stuff. It was a StrongMan event!! Tom M, Ann M, and I participated.

The eight events in my weight class (230-265#) were as follows:
  • 400# tire flip. 50 feet.
  • 240# farmers walk (120# ea hand). 100 feet.
  • As many reps of 305# deadlift in 60 seconds.
  • 17,000# semi-tractor pull. 50 feet.
  • Sled pull (4 car tires plus 90#). 50 feet.
  • Sandbag shuttle run. 6 from 40-58#.
  • Barrel shuttle run. (keg, blue barrell, steel barrell).
  • Keg toss. 3x20# and 3x10#. Over a 10-ft barrier.
Dave (event coordinator) did a most excellent job at organizing the entire event. Ruane Construction volunteered their people and trucks for some of the stations.

Ann M posted quite a few photos in these galleries: one and two.

How did we fare? Don't know yet. We left before any results were tabulated.

CrossFit definately prepared the three of us well for this contest. However, as I have always preached: CrossFit (and functional fitness as a whole) absolutely MUST be more than 20-minute MetCon workouts consisting of body weight movements and low weight/high repetition formats. It MUST include strength-building portions that use heavy weight and low repetitions.


Unknown said...

Props goes to Ruane Construction, they will be getting a letter from me, not that it really means anything to them but that was absolutely awsome of them! As well as Dave for putting together an event you rarely find in the area.

saluki450 said...

We need to rig up something for the farmer's walk...