Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gym: Military Athlete

I haven't profiled a gym or website in a while. Here is one I've had in the hopper for some time.

Military Athlete. (I linked to their Frequently Asked Questions. Inspiring read.) It's a branch off of Mountain Athlete. Military Athlete is a VERY intimidating program. It's designed for the military and law enforcement special operations teams. I really like the motto:


All I know of this gym and developer is what I've been able to research online. What I like most about developer Rob Shaul is his candid approach. I've emailed with him, and he has been a real help. He clearly acknowledges those who have mentored him and helped him along the way. He assumes little ownership of the a way that is humble and confident. His intentions appear to be as transparent as possible.

His program is very similar to others out there in the functional fitness field. He posts workouts that have a longer duration than what some CFters might be used to. He believes heavily in program periodization, rather than completely randomized workouts. (That's a good thing.) He also has assembled a paper on "Range Fitness" that incorporated firearms skills into workouts, and fitness into firearms training. It's not posted on his website, but available through Rob himself. (If I personally know you, Rob has allowed me to distribute his Range Fitness paper.)

For those of you readers in the LE/Mil SpecOps field, I encourage you to browse Military Athlete. There is much to be learned from the material contained within.

And to Rob S: thanks for your effort to the community that has benefited so much.

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