Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Exercise of the Week: Jumps

This week's movement is JUMPS. Back during the Prison Workout, some of you claimed the jumps were some of the most deceivingly difficult movements. Click here for those PWO videos regarding TUCK JUMPS and SQUAT JUMPS.

The nice thing about the TUCK JUMPS and SQUAT JUMPS is one does not need any equipment whatsoever. With BOX JUMPS, one needs a "box," whether it be a box, tire, bench, curb, wall, or stack of whatever.

One can cheat with TUCK or SQUAT JUMPS. The benefit from a BOX JUMP is that one cannot lie about the effort. You either land it, or you do not. There is no "I sorta got it."

Box jumps can be completed for reps as in Fight Gone Bad. Or as maximum effort as in a static (no running or drop step) jump for maximum height. It's utterly amazing how many aerobic endurance athletes suck at jumping. Jumping is a plyometric exercise that demands and builds power. Serious recruitment of muscles are required for a jump. While the movement is similar to a squat, the jump needs muscles to contract NOW! and coordinated!

On a personal note, I landed a few 45" static jumps the other day. That is a personal record. At 74" body height, that's a 61% BH jump. Pretty stoked about that....

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