Friday, October 9, 2009

Memorial Workout: SSG Shannon Smith

SSG Shannon Smith, US Army
545th Military Police Company,
Arctic Military Police Battalian
Fort Richardson, Alaska
Killed: 08 SEPT 2009, Baji, Iraq

Smith served with one of our friends Woody in the US Army. In Smith's honor, the Oak Brook (IL) Police Department's Fitness Group held a memorial workout. (Scroll through the OBPD Fitness Group blog to read more.) Let us also remember two other fallen soldiers, Zachary Myers and Thomas Lyons.

The 4-person team workout was a Full Mission Profile...done in operation-briefing style with a clearly defined mission and objective. Here was the workout:


Situation: While conducting a security patrol in Baji, Iraq a US Army Hummvee was hit by a RPG during an ambush of their patrol. The Team Leader in the Hummvee was able to radio for help and requested immediate rescue for personnel with life threatening injuries. The rest of the convoy has been cut off from the Hummvee and is currently engaged in a fire fight with the enemy forces. It was decided a small rescue team of four would extract the injured personnel and recover or destroy any sensitive equipment.

Objective: The primary mission of the Rescue Team will be to conduct a rescue of the injured personnel and move them to the Evacuation Point and stand-by for the Medivac. The secondary mission will be to recover and/or destroy any sensitive equipment at the attack site to ensure it does not end up in enemy hands.

Insertion: Conduct tactical insertion into Kill Zone to evacuate and treat injured personnel and remove all sensitive equipment if situation allows.

Actions at Objective: Load injured personnel and sensitive equipment for extraction

Evacuation: Move at a fast pace to evacuate vehicle with personnel and equipment out of kill zone to an area where Medivac can safely evacuate the injured

Stand-by for Medivac: Quickly and efficiently destroy sensitive equipment to reduce your load and speed up your own extraction.

Extraction: Move injured personnel to the Medivac for Extraction.

This related to the following exercises and tasks:


  • 75 Yard Sprint

Phase 1-Load Injured and Equipment

  • Load following into (or onto) sedan vehicle
  • 1x Rescue Randy
  • 4x Heavy Bags
  • 4x Tires
  • 4x Sledgehammers
  • 4x 35# KBs
  • 4x 25# plate

Phase 2-Evacuate

  • Push Vehicle 75 yards

Phase 3-Unload and Treat Wounded

  • Carry following 50 yards (only 1 item per trip, per team member)
  • 1x Rescue Randy (Carry on Litter)
  • 4x Heavy Bags
  • 4x Tires
  • 4x Sledgehammers
  • 4x 35# KBs
  • 4x 25# plate

Phase 4 - Destroy Sensitive Equipment

  • 3 Rounds AFAP of:
  • 15 Hammer Strikes on tire
  • 15 Overhead Squats (25# Plate)
  • 15 Heavy bag flips
  • 15 35#KB Clean & Press-L
  • 15 35#KB Clean & Press-R

  • Carry Rescue Randy on litter to start (125 yards).

The individual event is similar to the team workout.

For more Full Mission Profiles, visit Brass Ring Fitness.

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