Monday, October 12, 2009

Nutrition: The Zone

I admittedly know very little when it comes to nutrition and dieting. I have long subscribed to many myths and theories about weight loss and proper body fueling. Thanks to constant bombardment from "Zoners" Mary L and Vinny P (scroll down), I am beginning to crumble.

During The Hard Routine, I have promised to learn more about The Zone Diet. I will be sharing videos and articles about The Zone, many of which are from CrossFit and their CF Journal. Dr. Barry Sears, the developer of The Zone, claims some rather strong ties between nutrition, performance, weigh loss, and overall health. Other "diets" do not make such claims. They base their results on a very narrow standard: body image.

With testimonials from my friends Mary and Vinny, my argument against it is losing ground. I have argued about the difficulty and complexity of the diet. I have stood firm that I really enjoy certain foods. But after seeing what Mary and Vinny have done for not only their BODIES but their PHYSICAL PERFORMANCES, I have to investigate more and give this a decent attempt. I promise not to be a Zone fanatic, but I do want to see where this takes me.

Based on the answers to the most recent poll question, I see many of you have dietary trouble as well....

Enter The Zone.

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Mary said...

Thanks for the props! I have been using Zone/paleo principles and am continuing to make huge strides in regards to overall health and body composition. For me, the nutrition was the missing link in my chain for a long time. Now, I am experiencing the synergistic effect of the training & diet: better times, more weight, and better recovery.
Email if you have questions.