Friday, October 23, 2009

The Prison Workout 3 - Jury is Still Out

Prison Workout #3 ??? With a little help from our readers, it's a real possibility.

One year ago I was in the middle of the original Prison Workout (now dubbed PWO#1). It's a program that calls for nothing more than floor space, a pullup bar, and a stopwatch. It spans 25 workouts, originally intended for five work days per week (Sun and Thurs as recovery days). I developed it for a handful of reasons:
  • Give myself a structured MetCon program for 30 days
  • Work on my gymnastics movements
  • Encourage team-building within my workplace
  • Give a non-equipment-focused program to beginners
  • Put out a functional workout that could be completed at home
  • Keep workout sessions to about 20 minutes or less
  • Make a competitive program so peers' performances could be compared
  • Develop an online support group for like-minded fitness enthusiasts
  • Introduce functional fitness to bodybuilding program followers
Well the program ended to many followers' dismay, so I put out PWO#2 that simply added one kettlebell. The program includes 26 workouts to be completed in order from A through Z, at whatever schedule the user wished. I figured that a little weight added to the program would be easy enough to sell.

Both PWOs continue to be followed. The two-month campaign called The Hard Routine has sparked a recent revival of both the bodyweight-only version, as well as the one with a KB.

So....I toy with the idea of developing Prison Workout #3. Initial ideas are to include only a pullup bar, floor space, and a barbell set. This allows for a program that includes high-intensity MetCons as well as strength-building movements. I'm open to other ideas, but please understand the nature of what is available "in prison," and the simplicity of equipment desired in such a schedule. I'm looking for a few helpers to design the program with me!! Look for an early December 2009 start date.

I still have the Excel spreadsheets for these workouts, so don't rely solely on the Scribd site that I used to upload them for public access.

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