Saturday, November 21, 2009

EVENT REPORT: Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

The above video is from an Olympic weightlifting seminar I attended last weekend.

The Olympic weightlifting seminar was held at WCS Gattone Sports Performance in Naperville, Illinois. Main instructor Mike Gattone was a real help. He had a very methodical teaching method. He broke down the snatch movement into easily digestible pieces, each building on the previous. Before we knew it, we were going from floor to overhead.

Many of the students were CrossFitters of some sort or another. What was most welcoming was Mike G's attitude toward the CF community. Many of my experiences with those trainers in the sports performance industry have been sour....due to those trainers' disagreements with the CF methods. Mike embraced those of us who aligned ourselves with CrossFit, understanding most of us were simply learning Olympic lifts to add another dimension to our fitness. He didn't force any method or mindset on us, but rather did his best at working with each of our strengths and weaknesses.

As you can see in the raw footage video, I'm a little shaky and unstable. I have a new respect for Oly lifters. I was humbled very quickly. I need to spend some time on flexibility, overhead squats, and more flexibility! Here is some undeniable proof of one of my weaknesses.

For those of you in the Chicago area, I highly recommend attending one of these Saturday seminars. I first learned of them through CrossFit of Naperville. There is one on Nov 28th in Buffalo Grove, IL, from 8-11am for $75. While an understanding of Olympic weightlifting is helpful, not much more than watching a few CrossFit Journal videos or some garage practice is necessary. Click here for info on the next class.

Thanks Mike G for all your help.

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