Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Hard Routine: Day 32, Halfway!

Day 32. We are at the halfway point.

Halfway means you're closer to the end than the beginning! The halfway point for any venture is an emotional and sometimes ceremonial point. It's a special tick along a journey.

When I have climbed hills and mountains, the halfway point is the summit. All that is left is the climb down. When I hike into canyons, the halfway is at the deepest descent, with the daunting climb up remaining. During some of my "out-n-back" trail runs, halfway is special because I turn around and get to see each step as one closer to the end.

For this two-month campaign, the second half is designated by the name of a month: November. It contains Thanksgiving, one of the most celebrated "eatin' holidays" known to man. But it is still only ONE DAY through this journey. Pigging out on one day will not ruin the entire campaign. Go into T-Day strong, and rebound like a champ.

I got word from another Hard Routine participant. With a goal for losing 15#, he's down 10# already. Instead of going lax, he's eying up 20# as a new goal. That's the attitude of a winner!!

So..........How is everyone's progress at this ceremonial halfway point?

Personal Note: My wife and I visited NYC last week. We passed up a lot of dessert and drink choices in neighborhoods known for their food. We ate really well, but proudly stayed true to our "rules." The one violation we allowed ourselves was Lombardi's Pizza...and it was worth it!! And I swear it's never been so easy to avoid Halloween candy as it has been this year. Like I posted at the beginning of The Hard Routine: There is something liberating about commitment!


lisa demetriou said...

hey Lou/Jackie

It was a great honor to have been in your company and have trained together! I only wish we lived closer to you guys.
hope you guys come back again soon. :)

in the meantime train hard and stay safe!!! hugs
Lisa Demetriou

Louis Hayes said...

As of Mon 11-02-09, I'm down 10# also. I'm happy with that...