Friday, November 13, 2009

READ: Contrast Training for Strength, Size, and Power

Nick Tumminello from Performance University wrote this article for (link is not always work-family safe due to the swimsuit models in ads).

We have long been proponents of mixing up strength, stamina, and explosive/plyometric exercises for similar movement patterns. For example, the below list of exercises stress relatively the same movement pattern....but anyone who does these drills knows they illicit far from the same response.
  • low-repetition heavy back squats,
  • KB goblet squats,
  • high-volume air squats,
  • box jumps.
Another example might include:
  • weighted pullups,
  • rope climbing,
  • bodyweight pullups,
  • "let-go-n-grab" inverted rows.
This is a variety of stimuli for the same movement pattern...and produces a complete package in abilities. Most every movement pattern has similar strength/stamina/power components. Integrating this variety keeps WOs exciting and fresh! And ensures you are strong, durable, AND quick.

This article seems to push these "contrasting" movements during the same day. I have not been doing so. Throughout the weeks I balance strength, stamina, and plyometric drills for each of the seven basic human movements. There's no real science or rigid scheduling to it.

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