Monday, December 21, 2009

CrossFit Journal: "Rise Up!"

The CrossFit Journal was again gracious enough to publish a recent article of mine.

The article called Rise Up began as a list of blog posts containing data from some stairclimbing workouts. As many of you know (including some of you who help collect data), I constantly examine training from a point of efficiency and efficient are my efforts? and am I making progress? Those blog posts turned into this piece that culminates in a challenge to add stairclimbing to workouts.

If you don't subscribe to the online CrossFit Journal (CFJ), send me an email. I have a PDF of the article I can get to you.

Lastly, if anyone is willing to help gather more data for my continuing study of human power output, please let me know. There are only a few pieces of easily gathered raw data I need from you. The data will be used to plot performances against past training sessions.

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Congrats on this article.