Thursday, December 17, 2009

REPORT: Tom G's Climb to 51

We did it. Tom and I started at the dark. We were joined at sunrise by some friends who wanted to share in the birthday celebration. As a reminder, Tom decided he wanted to climb the staircase at Swallow Cliff Woods fifty-one times for his new age. Here's the results I've got so far:
  • Birthday Boy = 51 in 2:12
  • Lou = 51 in 2:23
  • A.K. = 51 in "just over 3 hours"
  • Dan = 40 in 2:27
  • If you aren't included on this list, I don't have your stats. Reply to comments.
We're all dreading what tomorrow will feel like...aches and pains and tightness and who-knows-what-else.

Happy 51st Tom!


Unknown said...

you guys rock, way to Go! I can only imagine what 52 holds for Tommy

dan said...

I wimped out on the last 11 and am kicking myself for it. Just out of pure hatred of myself for quitting I'm going to bang out 51 in the early spring.


JanuskieZ said...
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