Wednesday, December 16, 2009

EVENT: Tom G's Birthday Workout

Tom G's birthday is this week! And to celebrate, he wants to climb Swallow Cliff Woods' famous staircase 51 times! So on Thursday 12-17-09, at about 7am, I'll be joining him in this insane workout. This is a change in elevation of 3,860 feet!! That's 2.7 times as tall as the Sears (Willis) Tower.

Tom says the Cook Co. Forest Preserve Police has not been opening the parking lot until about 7am...and THEY TICKET VIOLATORS who park outside the chained gate. We're still throwing around the idea of being dropped off earlier (like 6:30a).

Please join us even if only for a few climbs. This should take us over 2.5 hours, but probably closer to 3 hours or more. Tom and I would really appreciate even if you can only climb up 3 or 4 times with us!

Please check the blog's right column for any changes due to weather, snow, or ice. ---->>>>>>

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Louis Hayes said...

Report will be posted soon. I don't know who all exactly finished all 51 flights up. Tom G finished in 2:12 and I finished shortly after at 2:23.