Friday, January 29, 2010

Stair Workouts Update

If you're looking at this building and saying to yourself, "That doesn't look all that tall," then you think just like I do. I say the same exact thing EVERY time I drive up to it before a workout. Then I have a change of heart halfway up.....

As you should all know by now (as I talk about it enough), I'm preparing for a stairclimbing event while wearing full tactical gear. So in prep, I have sworn to do all "under load." Here are my last three sessions in the above building:

  • 4 climbs (72 floors)
  • 50# vest
  • 21:43
  • 4 climbs (72 floors)
  • 50# vest
  • 19:33
  • 5 climbs (90 floors)
  • 25# vest
  • 21:38

I take the elevator down. It not only saves my knees, but also shortens the recovery periods of this interval-style training. On average, a trip from the top back down to the base of the stairs is between 1:55 and 2:45 (depending on if I can get an elevator to stay up at the top for me). Sessions have been starting at 4:30am, and I haven't seen another awake soul in the building yet. Nothing will ruin a rest interval like a stop or two on the way down!!

I do the stair workouts on days when I do not do a session from Prison Workout #3 program. I'm really enjoying the mix of the two intertwined formats. I'm seeing a lot of progress on both fronts lately.

Lastly, I'll be using some of the data gathered from these climbs (time, total weight, total height) to plot some Power Output charts. Should be interesting for those of you who analyze that stuff.


第二回合 said...
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Crackhead said...

You are going to ROCK the stair climb race!