Wednesday, January 5, 2011

VIDEO: Jonah Lomu (rugby)

Jonah Lomu is the arguably one of the greatest rugby players of all time. He most famously played for the New Zealand All Blacks. He was sort of like the Michael Jordan of rugby, in that he caused increases in fan attendance whenever or wherever he played. He's 6'5" tall and 260#...and ran the 100m in 10.89 seconds!

As you watch this video, think about the typical American football lineman. An average contemporary lineman is 300 pounds, so 40# more than Lomu.

For those of you not tuned into rugby rules, here are a few that might make more sense of the video:
  • You cannot pass forward.
  • You can kick forward.
  • When you get tackled, you must release the ball.
  • When you run past the goal line, you must touch the ball to the ground - and scorers try to touch near the middle (by the goal posts) because of where the "extra point" is kicked from.
While I know Lomu has recently competed in bodybuilding, I'd like to learn more about his rugby performance training. If anyone has any information, please send along.

This video comes to us from Steve the Inker.

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AF69 said...

Here is a little on him that I found. I am more impressed after reading he has a kidney disorder that affects blood protein levels that he seems to control in part with diet...impressive seeing how powerful and strong he is despite that.