Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review: 2010

The Year 2010 was another busy one for Trinity Training Group. We're closing the books on one calendar and opening another.

One of the most exciting and stirring events was the publication of my "Beyond the Body" in the CrossFit Journal. Holy crap I didn't expect the response. CrossFit even made it a free article for non-subscribers to access. For a week, I found literally hundreds of positive comments (maybe topping one-thousand) plastered all over the online fitness world.

Another development was the recruitment of childhood friend "Serb" into the CrossFit community. He and his family now belong to Real Fitness, a CrossFit gym in Naples, Florida (I'm still waiting for my commission check). Even from 1,350 miles away, we keep a competitive spirit...just like the biceps measuring contest we did from two different college campuses 15 year ago! Which I won ;)

Here are some other highlights from 2010:
  • Prison Workout #3 This time, the workouts included a barbell set and a pullup bar.
  • Fight for Air CLIMB (Oakbrook Terrace, IL) This past year, we wore and carried tactical gear up the tower!
  • "Trinity Training Group" Facebook page. As of this post, there are 150 registered fans of our page on Facebook. I figured there is so much FBing going on, we better join the trend!
  • MURPH for Miller (St Chas, IL) event CrossFit TriCities (St Chas, IL) hosted the event to celebrate the life of fallen friend Rob Miller, whose parents were awarded his Medal of Honor by President Obama.
  • CrossFit Phoenix Fire (Arizona) programming. I, along with a few others, began following this affiliate's programming. It is a GPP program whose interpretation of functional fitness has a lot to do with strength and Olympic weightlifting. I did this for 6 months, and will return to it in 2011 for sure!!
  • MALTZ Challenge (Chicago, IL). The DEA hosted another event in Marquette Park, Chicago in honor of a fallen Air Force PJ.
  • Police Week Memorial. I lost count of the number of folks who participated in the "75x75" during Police Week 2010. It will be busier in 2011 for sure.
  • "ComMANder in the Mirror" workout. Commemorates the service of our previous team commander as his service expired.
  • Do-It-Yourself series. Our friend Nate began making videos to be posted in our YouTube channel. One of the most visited posts we have is on the DIY dip station.
  • "Make Stuff Up" Programming series. This was a series of posts that discussed the issues, goals, and pitfalls of workout program design and scheduling.
  • Ty Warner (Westmont IL) group workouts. A new group of folks emerged in Westmont. Many of them are still going strong with their workouts!
  • SWAT competition. More proof that functional fitness produces results.
  • Kettlebell Workshop for Triathletes (Palos Park, IL). I helped a group of triathletes with an introduction to kettlebelling. The cross-training has done wonders for those who have broken into GPP.
  • Concept2 Holiday Challenge. Rowing 200,000 meters during the holiday season - including a 52k row for Tom G's birthday.
  • The Hard Routine. By demand, I decided in favor of another Hard Routine. It was even extended for a handful of participants. It's like Lent, a crash diet, and a New Years Resolution all wrapped up into one wonderful campaign.
  • Prison Workout #4. The latest PWO uses three kettlebells to make strength gains.
Nest news: I'm rolling into 2011 under full power.....

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