Sunday, June 27, 2010

DIY Gear: Dip Station

Here is a homemade dip station. Soup testifies that all is sturdy and ready for rigorous use!

All is made from 2" Schedule 40 PVC piping and fittings, for about $40. That's all! Below are the materials:
  • 30ft of pipe (6x 60" pieces)
  • 8x elbows
  • 6x Ts
  • primer and cement
Dimensions: Keep in mind that Soup is what we call a Little Guy, so taller folks might have to lengthen the uprights. His top bars (the ones you grip) are at about elbow height for him. Base is made with 2@24", 2@17", and 4@3". Uprights in the front are 2@36.5". Uprights in rear are 2@29" and 2@3".

Soup got the idea from a video here.

Thanks Soup.


Anonymous said...

Great looking guy!!

Anonymous said...

Built one of these today and had to make a second trip to the hardware store. Don't forget that in addition to the lengths you listed you'll also need enough to form the bars you'll actually need to grip and also the stay that is midway up the posts used as a stabilizer. Overall, worked out very well. No excuses now.

Anonymous said...

Hi, What is the cement in the list of things used for? Is it used to add some weight to the construction, and therefore some stability? Is it essential?
Many thanks for the great idea.
Graham Cole (Southampton, U.K.)

Anonymous said...

I think the reference to cement is the "glue" for holding it together. You prime, then cement.

This is awesome. Gonna build one.

Anonymous said...

Just got done finishing this dip station. I'm 200lbs and hope it will handle me over the course of time. Very shaky at first but I'm also not used to doing dips.

I almost got away with just 5 60" pipes but was 1/2" to short.

For the ? about the cement. The cement used is a PVC cement like you would use for plumbing. 1st you primer it then you cement it and bonds the 2 pieces together.

Anonymous said...

Do you reckon you could use push fit pipes and connectors rather than the cement/primer mix?

Would you get the same rigid/fixed connection?

Louis Hayes said...

I'd be a little leery with a push fit system. If you're looking for a non-cement construction, how about drilling transverse holes and using wingnuts or pins?