Sunday, February 14, 2010

REPORT: Fight for Air CLIMB 2010

Another stair race has come and gone.

We assembled a great team this year...and we elected to wear our SWAT armor and carry up a battering ram (AKA "Key to the City"). The extra poundage proved to be a real challenge. We had and have nothing to compare our performances to, as we've never done this before with tactical armor, breaching gear, boots, and uniforms.

The American Lung Association of Illinois has sponsored this event again, as they have for years and years. Thanks to all those who donated on our behalves. Your support allows us to participate in more of these challenges and charities than we could on our own. Thanks again.

For the stats: Our vests probably weigh more than 20# each. The ram weighs about 40#. Our top climber JC finished in 5:16. That's fantastic. Most of the climbers can't do that in shorts and gym shoes. I did it in 7:27, which I am more than satisfied with! Now we each have times to beat next year!!!

Lastly, my childhood friend firefighter Matt P and I see each other every year at this event. It's always a pleasure to participate next to our brothers and sisters from "the other side of the house."

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