Saturday, April 3, 2010

REPORT: MALTZ Challenge 2010 (Chicago)

Friday, April 2nd, 2010, was the third annual MALTZ Challenge. It was hosted again by the DEA's Chicago Field Office in Marquette Park. The weather was actually nice for a change. In 2008, we did it in two inches of snow while sleeting. In 2009, the muddy ground made for a mess. (Click here to see previous years' results.) In 2010, the sunshine and temps in the 70s was very welcomed.

"DEA Mike" is the event coordinator in Chicago. Thanks Mike for putting this together again. A great time was had by all.

Again, the MALTZ Challenge commemorates US Air Force PJ Michael Maltz, the brother of a DEA Special Agent...hence the sponsorship by the Administration. The challenge is (in order):
  • 400 meter run
  • 50 pull ups (alternate form for women)
  • 100 meter Fireman's Carry or 200 meter Farmer's Walk with 50 lb dumbbells (25 for women)
  • 50 dips
  • 100 push ups (50 for women)
  • 50 knees - to - elbows
  • 100 sit ups
  • 400 meter run

Leading the pack, Pat D finished in 36 minutes and change. He left his 29# vest off this year, and finished 9 minutes faster without it.

Mary L is one of only two women who have participated in Chicago over three years. She finished in well under one hour, but not sure exactly of her time. Her "can do" attitude infects the men as they compete.

My time was 47:23...shaving almost 4 minutes from last year, and 15 over the last two years. I'm pretty stoked about that. I'm all about constant and consistent progress. I went in with a good strategy: shorts sets of repetitions to avoid failure/overuse. It seemed to work well for me. Maybe one of these years I'll catch Pat D while he's having bad day, and all the planets are in perfect alignment!!

I am sore as hell this morning. My whole shoulder girdle is tender from all the pullups, dips, and pushups. At least my abs are doing far.

This event is hosted each year in the end of March or beginning of April. Set your sights on participating in 2011. The DEA is working with some local functional fitness gyms to bring the challenge indoors. But then that strips us of our bragging rights about completing in a snowstorm! haha

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Imerson said...

Sounds like a fun challenge! I gotta try this sometime.