Monday, April 5, 2010

EVENT: MURPH for Miller 2010

Click for the official MURPH for Miller 2010 announcement. There is also a Facebook event page set up here.

This year's event is: Saturday, May 15th, 2010, from 9am-3pm.

There is a requested donation of $25 for each participant. Your contribution can be made online through the above link on the CFTC website. The donation goes to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Again, thanks to CrossFit Tri-Cities in St. Charles, Illinois, for hosting such an event. What began in one of our residential garages with a run through the neighborhood has turned into something much more formal with more participants, and bigger donations to a worthwhile cause. What remains the same however is simple: Friends coming together to remember fallen friend Rob Miller and support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

TRAINING NOTES: Some of you are intimidated by the MURPH. So was I four years ago. However, through specific preparation, I was able to post a respectable time for my first one! My wife is currently following a 2-day-per-week plan to help her along. For starters, she is doing jumping pullups and pushups on her knees as her "scaling" or modifying of the standards. She is partitioning pullups, pushups, and air squats into something much more manageable. To stay in the proper ratio of each movement, she is beginning her training with rounds of: 3 pullups, 6 pushups, and 9 air squats. She will then graduate up to 4/8/12, and then up to 5/10/15. Her total workout session volume will climb from 48/96/144 to somewhere close to 100/200/300. Her goal this year is to finish a full scaled MURPH. She did a scaled Half MURPH last year. And you bet I'll be cheering her along...and counting all her reps!

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