Friday, April 9, 2010

POLL: Results and new question

The latest survey is over.
  • A workout journal...
  • I don't but should (16)
  • I keep it diligently (12)
  • I keep it, but need more consistency (8)
  • Why bother? (2)
MY RANT: Keeping a journal is quite simple. It takes virtually no time, no effort, and minimal cost (literally pennies!) So why are there so many who recognize the benefits but still do not maintain records of performances? Maybe there is so much MSU programming that workouts are not being repeated to gauge progress? Maybe one doesn't recognize the measurable components of the workout such as Load, Reps, Time, Distance, Rounds? Whatever the hangup, those sixteen of you who selected "I don't but should" will find great results by making a commitment with a pad and pen.

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  • I mostly workout...
  • Before work.
  • After work.
  • On days off, early in the morning.
  • On days off, late at night.
  • I'm all over the clock.

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