Sunday, April 11, 2010

GYM: CrossFit Amplify (Lisle, IL)

Can you believe it? Twenty-six CrossFit gyms in Illinois. Yes, that's 26. And to think there were only three in operation two years ago! The lastest to gain official CrossFit affiliation:

CrossFit Amplify in about to open its doors in Lisle, Illinois....near IL-53 and Maple Ave. These are the same guys who were hosting workouts in the park in Woodridge over the summer of 2009. I'm looking forward to getting out to their new gym as soon as it opens!

I frequently talk to small business owners within all sorts of industries. It's just my curiosity that pushes me to learn how entrepreneurs and managers either embrace or completely avoid risk. Some business owners are fantastically optimistic, while others are paralyzed by fear. I've recently witnessed established storefront boutiques' and shops' sales dwindle and close-up right before my eyes. Current economic climate is not very welcoming right now to entrepreneurs....or is it quite perfect?

Here we have a couple of men at CrossFit Amplify who expand their small fitness business. Some of you probably read this and ask, "Why in the world would anyone would open such a seemingly luxury service in these times? It's bound to fail." Well I can even further complicate the issue for you...their services and membership fees are significantly HIGHER than most of their competition! So what figures? Why does CrossFit thrive and big-name health clubs struggle?

CrossFit gyms make no claims about being the cheapest or most financially inexpensive option out there. They are the most Valuable option. Value is hard to find. It's a balance between cost and what is actually provided. And what is provided is virtually impossible to find elsewhere among their competitors' clubs: Community, Motivation, and Knowledge. Trainers and members alike take active roles in each other's search and pursuit for excellence. Working out in a CF gym is a unique experience drenched in competition and encouragement. I challenge you to find it elsewhere. It's almost an incidental monopoly on functional fitness.

That is why opening a CrossFit gym in this economy works. Because CrossFit works.

I make absolutely NO money or receive NO compensation for speaking highly about CrossFit gyms (or CF Amplify specifically). I take no stake in the prizes of their success. I do however find great satisfaction in seeing my readers find new ways to reach personal goals of excellence. And CrossFit can help you achieve it!

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Neil said...

I have worked closely with Mike and Scott. We will maintain a close relationship with all of the trainers and members of CrossFit Amplify. It is good to see them up and running. We look forward to the many years ahead of us.

Neil Khant of CrossFit of Naperville