Monday, August 16, 2010

UPDATE: Ty Warner Park (Westmont IL) Workouts

Some of the ladies during their latest group workout at Ty Warner Park in Westmont IL. Functional training often includes elements from the world of StrongMan competition -- in this case it's 200# tire flipping.

Take a look at these women above. They are everyday women accomplishing extraordinary feats. How? They tackle new challenges, see opportunities rather than obstacles, and aren't afraid to fail. They each took a different path into functional training, but have morphed into a "community" that prides itself on encouragement and recruitment!

Click for my Beyond the Body article published by the CrossFit Journal. It's all about women breaking the mold.

Women are frequently sold a program with some version of "core strength." Most are crap. Strengthening the core is WAY more than crunches, leg lifts, and isometric holds. In the above photo, Michelle is using her whole midsection to lift, raise, get under, and push that tire over. That is CORE EXERCISE!

I've been closely monitoring the group's progress. First off, the size of the group continues to grow. It's viral. Secondly, the participants are each becoming more and more educated and committed. Accountability to peer members is one of the strengths of this group!

To join in on these FREE workouts: post to comments, or email Nick or Schlik. (Their email addresses are included in this post.)

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