Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prison Workout #4: Kettlebelling

Yes, you are reading this correctly. I have decided to put together a fourth PWO!

PWO#4 will include kettlebelling and gymnastics. It will be similar to PWO#2, but different. What does that mean? Well, many of the movements will be the same, but I will be changing the formats. You'll see more of the 30/30 sessions (30 secs of work alternated with 30 secs of recovery), other interval training, and lots of TGUs and G2OAs! There will also be more advanced juggles such as the Figure-8-Hold-and-Press (F8HP).

As with much KBing, one of the goals is metabolic conditioning. This likely will NOT be for someone who is looking at gaining muscular strength.

Suggestion: If you are thinking about jumping into the PWO#4 routine, start learning and perfecting your KB snatch (from the floor and from the hang), TGU, and F8H. We won't kick this campaign off until the Fall 2010, but learning new skills isn't something that should be put off.

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