Thursday, August 12, 2010

GYM and EVENT: CrossFit Darien (IL)

Another CrossFit affiliate gym is opening its doors next month. This time it's CrossFit Darien (Lemont and Plainfield Roads, at the city lines of Darien/Woodridge, Illinois). Their website is still in its infancy. I have traded a few emails with one of their trainers, who I've never met before. I'm really interested in hearing their philosophy on programming! With so many interpretations and expressions of "CrossFit," all CF gyms are NOT alike. Sure they all have some basic ideals and commonalities, but one of the beauties of CF is the creativity and ingenuity!!

The grand opening event is: Wednesday, September 1st, at 7pm. I found a Facebook "event" here.

Yet again I make the following disclaimer: I have no ties to this business venture. I merely enjoy sitting back and watching more and more functional fitness clubs open up and spread the good word.

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