Thursday, February 25, 2010

4-man team workout

This week was another team workout. Five teams of four men participated. The components were as such (with standards in parentheses):

  • 400 air squats (down to a DynaMax medicine ball set on top of a 45# metal plate)
  • 300 plate situps (See below description)
  • 200 ground-to-overheads (use a 75# barbell; bring bar from ground to overhead anyhow)
  • 100 up-downs (chest touches ground at bottom, and feet jump off ground at top).
  • As fast as possible.
  • The team can only have ONE participant "working" at a time.
  • The team has to complete ALL air squats before moving onto the next phase of situps, etc.
  • Teammates do NOT have to do equal work.

PLATE SITUPS: These situps use a 45# metal plate. Grab the plate like a steering wheel at 9 and 3 o'clocks. Get into a situp position with wide feet. Touch the plate's 12 o'clock to the ground overhead, then situp so the plate's 6 o'clock touches the ground between the knees. I could not find any videos online, and didn't think of making my own during the I'll be planning this to be an Exercise of the Week in the near future.

Times for the team workout ranged from 31:00 to 34:00.

This workout was designed with team-building components. Participants with weaker abilities in one phase needed to confidently bow-out to allow stronger participants to makeup repetitions quickly. Stronger participants needed to willingly put-out more repetitions in some phases. And each phase saw a different participant being the strong one. I'm not sure there was any team of four who had one participant being the "weak link" in all phases. Communication and strategizing was critical to minimize the transition times between participants and between phases.

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Unknown said...

Blurry photo makes Woody look like he's leaning forward and defying gravity! Great workout day though!