Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SURVEY - Results and New Question

I asked a question last month about the athleticism of certain sports' competitors. Seventy-eight readers answered. Here are the results....

What sport has the most "athletic" professionals?
  • Mixed Martial Arts (34%)
  • Hockey (17%)
  • Basketball (12%)
  • Rugby (8%)
  • American Football (6%)
  • Soccer (6%)
  • Boxing (5%)
  • Baseball/Softball (2%)
  • Golf (2%)

Before anyone gets all defensive on me, I asked what sport has the most "athletic," not most "skilled." I was surprised with the results. Many other similar questions and debates have made fairly strong cases for rugby. Even though I played rugby in college, I disagree. My vote went to hockey. I mean come on.... players exhibit strength, speed, skill, balance, flexibility, balance, coordination, accuracy, stamina, and guts....on ICE!

There is a new question posted in the right column>>>>>>

How does your maximum deadlift compare to your bodyweight?
  • Less than my BW
  • Same as BW
  • 1.25x BW
  • 1.5x BW
  • 1.75x BW
  • 2x BW
  • 2.25x BW
  • 2.5x BW
  • More than 3x BW
  • Don't know.

Please vote. To determine your "score," take your maximum deadlift in pounds, and divide by your bodyweight in pounds. For example, my 1RM DL is 485. My BW is 230. My score is 2.1....therefore I voted as a "2xBW." If you don't know your 1RM DL, please don't put yourself in the doctor's office for the sake of voting!

As of this publication, there are already 92 votes! I posted a thread on the CrossFit message board to promote this poll. There is some decent replies about CrossFitters' DL/BW ratios.

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