Tuesday, September 7, 2010

POLL: Old Results and a New Question

Results from the last question posted: In which of the below personal survival skillsets do you have an interest learning? You may choose more than one answer.
  1. Unarmed defense / MMA (68%)
  2. Combat firearms (15%)
  3. Parkour (15%)
  4. Knife-fighting (10%)
  5. Cry-and-Assume-Fetal (6% - jokers!)
This does not surprise me. The growth of MMA fighting is staggering. Trainers with backgrounds in wrestling, boxing, BJJ, grappling, Krav Maga, or any other martial art are trying to make their "product" mesh within the MMA arena. I'm sure this will have some sort of impact on our culture. Not necessarily a bad one either.

I'm only guessing here: Maybe the number of those wishing combat firearms training is low because many of our readers are police officers who already get this training? Just a thought.

I'm still amazed at Parkour. Some of the steps I have taken on my SLOW journey to be a parkourist are simply some natural instinctive vaults over objects. I want to incorporate more and more into my repertoire.

A new question is posted >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

My daily workout journal is.....
  • handwritten.
  • BeyondTheWhiteboard.com.
  • another online service.
  • computerized spreadsheet (Excel?).
  • barely better than scribbles on cocktail napkins.
  • still yet to be started.
I recognize some of us use a couple of different "systems." For example, I handwrite my journal in a spiraled steno pad. However, I also upload some benchmark workouts to Beyond The WhiteBoard. Choose what you do for your regular workouts.

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Doug B. said...

Check out www.withfit.com

Great calendar style journal.