Sunday, October 24, 2010

PWO#4: Week Four

Here are the Week Four sessions.

  • LUCKY 13
  • 13 ###KB snatches (each side)
  • 13 ##KB snatches (each side)
  • 13 #KB snatches (each side)
  • These are from "the hang," or "swing snatches."
  • Replace with C&J if you cannot do snatches.
  • Do not partition each side. Do 13 on one side before switching to the other!
  • Total of 78 reps.

  • Continuous timer. One in minute 1, two in minute 2, etc.
  • ###KB SDLHP
  • For as long as you are able.

  • FAME
  • 24 minutes of 30/30 format (see HEX for rules) of:
  • Pullups and #KB Front Squats
  • #KB Slasher-t0-Halo and ###KB Figure-8
  • Burpees and #KB situps

  • 7 rounds, 5 reps of:
  • #KB F8H&P (5 presses on each side)
  • ##KB walking F8 lunges (5 steps each side)
  • The F8H&P is a Figure 8 to a Hold, with a palmed bell press (not holding handle) at top of the Hold.

Keep plugging away even if you have fallen behind the 4 workouts per week pace. I surely have fallen behind. I will continue to post 4/week.

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