Saturday, October 16, 2010

READ: "The Best Damn Cardio Article - Period"

This article isn't of the same class of the typical stuff I post.
It's posted on It's predominantly a bodybuilding site, more concerned with looks than performance. However, there is still value in some of what they post. This article has a lot of merit.

NOTE: This link is NOT necessarily work and family safe. There are some scantily-clad ladies in some of the sidebars.

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J Caruso said...

Wow, great article! I'm really struggling with the concept that strength training is what I need to burn fat. Also strength training is very boring and time consuming and if I'm not sweating, I don't feel like I worked out. This article has persuaded me to continue in the strength training direction. The awesome news is that I'm a diet warrior which is 80% of the battle .. my diet is damn near perfect! Thanks for sharing this article!