Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VIDEO: Jerry Rice

Anyone doing structured or regular hill training?

I have a real appreciation for running hills. There is a hill in a local forest preserve trail that is so damned steep (McClaughry Springs Woods, Kean Ave btwn IL-83 and 119th St, Palos Park, IL) We will go out there just to run up, jog down, run up, repeat! It's a great interval workout session. The intensity of running upwards is virtually unmatched.

The problem I see most with interval training is how so many people go for too long of a duration, or don't take long enough recovery intervals. In order to see the optimal gains in performance, adequate recovery is a must. And the "work" interval has to be short enough so the athlete can maximize AND MAINTAIN speed and intensity.

Jerry Rice is a stud. He uses this hill not for interval training, but rather as a conditioning tool. His attitude and work ethic is great, even in retirement.

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Lori said...

Gotta love his attitude! ;-)