Friday, December 17, 2010

GYM: CrossFit 450 (South Bend IN)

First, go back and read this post about the South Bend IN Police gym. Then come back and join this current post.....See you in a couple of minutes.

CrossFit 450 (read as "CrossFit for Five-Oh") is for police officers of SBPD only. However, their website is open to all. To visit their website, click here.

They have a great website when it comes to CrossFit Mainsite Programming scaling options. (CF mainsite programming is the "workout of the day" posted on CrossFit 450's workout options are better than the actual mainsite!! Why? Because they offer all the scaling options right there. Brand X is an online forum that shows one interpretation of scaling/adjusting/substitution options. However, CrossFit 450 posts the mainsite workouts WITH the Brand X scaling options right there.

CrossFit 450 also posts an alternate WOD that usually includes some sort of strength portion and a metabolic conditioning portion. I've heard that some of the guys and gals at South Bend PD prefer the alternate option to the mainsite WODs.

Other links they provide go to sites that focus on Parkour, Nutrition, Mobility, and Fitness Journaling.

It's a one-stop shop for their officers!

Again, I congratulate Chief Boykins, SGT Bagarus, and all those at SBPD for making this happen. It's a huge accomplishment that has the potential to make a real difference in the future!


Doug B. said...

Thanks Lou...I pushed this out to my department via email.

Anonymous said...

Atta Boy Lou!!! It's actually nice to get some deserved kudos for our guys/gals!!!
It is appreciated and noticed...
Lt. Scott Ruszkowski
SBPD/Street Crimes