Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Hard Routine 2010 - OVER?

The two months of this fitness, health, and wellness campaign are over! Or are they?

I have a dozen friends who have agreed to continue The Hard Routine until Christmas 2010...basically another four weeks. The holiday season is jam-packed with unhealthy opportunities -- parties and celebrations encouraging over-indulgence in sweets, appetizers, alcohol, and simply food in general. Some of us have decided to fight these temptations by extending our "rules" of The Hard Routine. If you want to be included in any email list for the extension through December, email me.

I'm in for the extension. I'm sticking with my Hard Routine "rules" for another four weeks. I saw too much progress to simply stop the forward motion. When Christmas comes, I'll re-evaluate my rules and guidelines to something more sustainable and long-lasting.

I'm down ten-plus pounds. I feel great. I have been eating really well -- both with volume and quality. I've been grocery shopping "the perimeter of the store" -- buying fresh foods that spoil quickly. Lots of meat and veggies. Few starches, and when I did have them -- rice. Almost no sugars. And no booze. The hardest for me to avoid? Bread and ice cream. Of all those desires I had over the last 2 months, the easiest to overcome by far was alcohol. Yet, when I talk to others, they all tell me that it would be the hardest to avoid. Comments or thoughts?

I did the Prison Workout #4, though I only made it through RIMFIRE (the 22nd of 32 workout sessions). I didn't expect to complete all 32 workout sessions, as I couldn't pass up a few opportunities to do non-PWO sessions every now and then. I'll finish up the PWO#4 soon. I also began the Concept2 Holiday Challenge (rowing machine) on Thanksgiving Day. For almost a week now, I've had rowing on the brain....

So how did the 60 days go for you? Fitness goals? Bodyweight goals?

Where from here? I wrote a few posts during The Hard Routine that I'll reference:
Each of those two themes are important to me. First off, forward progress is the journey to your goals. Any step towards an objective is progress. The key is to keep taking positive steps that help fulfill that goal. Secondly, there will be times when you get sidetracked. It's not IF, but WHEN. What matters is how you react to that derailment. My simple advice: Get up and take another step forward. You're back making progress!

Think again about what I said at the beginning of this campaign: This is a jump-start to positive behaviors in the areas of physical fitness and diet/nutrition. If after this campaign you resort back to old habits, what good is that? Embrace momentum.

Make positive changes. Keep some of the "rules" active and in place. Realize those goals!

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