Tuesday, November 30, 2010

EVENT: MALTZ Challenge - Chicago 2011

It's exciting to see a date announced so far in advance. Put in your 2011 calendar:
The following is from the CrossFit Darien Facebook event:

Worldwide, the US Drug Enforcement Administration sponsors an annual physical fitness event called "The MALTZ Challenge." The workout is named after a DEA Special Agent's brother, Master Sergeant Michael J Maltz. MSGTt Maltz, a US Air Force pararescue jumper, was killed in 2003 while attempting a rescue of injured and sick children in Afghanistan. The MALTZ Challenge commemorates the lives of not only Michael Maltz, but all of those Americans who fight against evil in the world.

CrossFit Darien (Woodridge, IL) is honored to have been selected as the DEA-Chicago Division host site. The CrossFit functional fitness methodology is a terrific match for this event. www.crossfitdarien.com.

The MALTZ Challenge is:
  • Run 400 meters
  • Do 50 pullups
  • Farmers Walk 200 meters with 50# dumbbells (25# for women)
  • Do 50 dips
  • Do 100 pushups
  • Do 50 hanging knees-to-elbows
  • Do 100 situps
  • Run 400 meters.
Other options include a "Half MALTZ" (halve the repetition numbers), and scaling alternatives (assisted pullups, knee tucks, assisted pushups, etc). There are endless ways to adjust this event to match yet still challenge your abilities!!

HOW TO TRAIN FOR THIS? A few ideas on how to prepare for this event are posted here. Keep in mind that whether you plan to be competitive or whether you only desire to complete the event, this is no small accomplishment. Give yourself a goal, and stay the path to realizing it!!

For pictures and reviews of past MALTZ Challenge - Chicago events, click here and scroll down through the posts.

For those of you Facebookers, here is the event link. Please share it with others!

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