Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary from Jacky C

Some of us know her as "5402," but we'll call her Jacky C here. She offered up a motivating personal fitness testimony a ways back. You can read it here. For a little summary: she's in her upper 40's, works full time, a devout Believer, and is down 60 pounds (yes, SIXTY) for the past few years.

Jacky C answered the call for more contributors to this blog:

Today is Trinity Training’s Third Anniversary! I revisited the inaugural post today; may I suggest you re-visit it too? Click to read Renaissance Men (and Women) here.

  • “But even physical strength and stamina cannot reach full potential without proper effort spent in spiritual and mental exercises” - Lou Hayes

My personal testimony is based on this truth. It took spiritual and mental exercises to create a foundational base to build my physical strength and stamina upon which I stand today. Without that solid spiritual and mental base, my physical strength and stamina would have collapsed by now…. No doubt!

In my personal testimony I shared with you a personal bible verse which I attribute my new state of well-being:

  • Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” - Romans 12:2

I renew my mind daily … through reading of scripture, books, this website, the CrossFit Faith website, and by experiencing life daily.

My October 2009 testimony didn’t stop at a 60 pound weight-loss. The “loss” created room for “gain” … I have gained so much wisdom and understanding since that time, and I hope to have an opportunity share with you in the future.

Thanks, Jacky C. She's offered to continue her posts here on the Trinity Training Group blog.


569 said...

YEAH Jackie! Congrats on all the progress!

Weber said...

Atta girl, keep up the good work.

Mary said...

Way to go Jackie! Best wishes for continued success!

Anonymous said...

Great job Jackie! Question is? Are you ready for the Maltz? I know you are!!!