Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stair climbing workouts - Update!

I've fallen down when it comes to adequate planning for the stair climbing workout sessions at Swallow Cliff Forest Preserve. Most of the notices are only one or two days in advance. I will try to be more considerate of your time and committed to planning dates/times in advance.

Today we had a good showing even though there were about 6 absentees (a few regulars I expected for sure *wink*wink). Newcomers Neil K, Rhonda A, and Amy will hopefully become regulars to our group. Rhonda A has made Swallow Cliff one of her staples, so I'm sure we'll see her out again, right?? Amy left with a smile, so that's positive. And Neil requested more days up at Blackwell FP in Warrenville. No problem...we'll get out there again soon!

I love making heads turn with our kettlebells and strange gymnastics. It hopefully gives some ideas of how to incorporate more exercises to get a more complete fitness. If you're by chance one whose head has been turned, shoot me an email or just check the blog for announcements. I learned this blog rates high in a Google search for Swallow Cliff, so maybe we'll get some new blood reading about our localized circuit sessions.

Click on the "Stairs" label link at the end of this post for past postings about these stair climbing sessions.

Historical picture pirated from ChicagoLand Outdoor Nature Knowledge (CLONK).

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