Saturday, October 11, 2008

Prison Workout - Week 1

Here is the highly anticipated first week.  Please understand that due to such a wide variety in participants' fitness levels, some days are purposely easier and some harder. I would expect a participant with higher abilities to either increase repetition numbers or time duration on the easier days. Likewise, I'd expect a beginner to shave off some repetition numbers or take an extra few deep breaths between exercises or rounds (but hopefully NOT cut any time). I'd really enjoy feedback by either posting a comment or sending an email!!

Day 1
Monday, Oct 13th

20 minutes of: As many rounds as possible (AMRAP):
  • 5 pushups
  • 10 seated knee tucks
  • 10 air squats

Day 2
Tuesday, Oct 14th

20 mins, AMRAP:
  • 10 mountain climbers (see post for counting standards)
  • 5 Superman (each rep use: 5-sec hold, 5-sec rest)
  • 3 pullups (or 6 inverted rows, or ignore if no equipment)

Day 3
Wednesday, Oct 15th

20 total sets of air getups with following reps:
10 right arm/knee up, 10 left arm/knee up,
9R, 9L.....all the way down to
1R, 1L

Day 4
Thursday, Oct 16th

Go for a long walk

Day 5
Friday, Oct 17th

20 mins, AMRAP:
  • 3 tuck jumps
  • 1 plank (use: 30-sec hold)
  • 5 diamond pushups

Day 6
Saturday Oct 18th

8 rounds of:
  • 10 air squats
  • 1 Superman (use: 10-sec hold)
  • 5 pullups (or 10 inverted rows, or ignore)
  • 1 Superman (use: 10-sec hold)

Day 7
Sunday, Oct 19th


Everyone be sure to keep in touch. Posting comments to the blog posts will be the best way to stay in touch with the group.


Anonymous said...

Hey- jumped here from CF mainpage. On day 3 is 1 set 10 down to 1!? I wan to add these to my lifting for the last month before I return to CF mainpage.

Louis Hayes said...

figure 20 sets...alternating between L and R sides, and dropping rep #s from 10 to 1. I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

hit 21 rounds at 19:55...exceeded my expectations of 20, 1st real workout after 3 month recovery-not counting my rehab/therapy sessions. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

Anonymous said...

Got the guys out of the lazyboys and into giving this program a try. Day 1 went great. Reps varied from 15 to 22 depending on the guy. Great workout to keep the group on the same page on off days.

Anonymous said...

17 rounds for me. I didn't think I'd get a workout in today due to my schedule, but there I was, 8:00 pm, grinding out rounds. After the first 5 rounds I increased the pushups to 10 per round.

I'm going to keep track of all the reps per exercise and total them up at the end. Hope everyone else had a great workout.


schlik said...

Hey Lou, again...not enough time in a day. I can remember the time when I would tell somebody...."All you need it 20-30 minutes. I got a three mile run in and 10 times through in 10 minutes last night. Good Start! Troy is gonna do it with me tonight! Let see how many times a 7 year ld can get through??

Piston Hurricane said...
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Anonymous said...

13 rounds, not as easy as I had anticipated

schlik said...

Family did it today...
Michelle: 14 sets with inverted rows
Ryan: 12 sets with inverted rows
Austin: 11 sets inverted rows
Troy( 7 years old) 8 sets with pull ups
Me....ass kicked again this 41 year old thing sucks....
10 sets with chin ups...

mikeyc1972 said...

11:57 and gassed!

Anonymous said...

Day 1: 21 rounds

Day 2: 12 rounds

Day 3: 14:29


Anonymous said...

Day 1: 23 rounds but I had to cheat on the last couple with the abs
Day 2: 10 rds cheated last couple rounds with jumping pullups
Day 3: Did not do
Day 4: 6 mile wilderness hike with 20lb ruck.


mikeyc1972 said...

20 rounds at 19:48 jump tucks were pretty much hops on last few sets...

mikeyc1972 said...

6:38 w/pullups