Friday, November 21, 2008

PWO2 Update

I was so ready to add weight training into my program!  My pre-PWO program consisted of a lot of powerful weighted lifts such as 135#barbell cleans, 65#BB overhead squats, 135-225#BB deadlifts, 75#KB snatches, 95#BB thrusters, 25# weighted pullups, and the like.  Being away from the irons for seven weeks was both a relief and a challenge. I liked all the high reps of bodyweight stuff, but also missed deadlifts, figure-8s, cleans, and overhead presses.

With PWO2, I return to the irons by way of kettlebelling.  I have committed to using only a 35#KB for a few WOs, until I get my groove back. I was going to jump up to a 50# for a few movements, but decided against it for now. As I write this, I'm about to go into the gym and do Day D....really looking forward to it! 

I'm anxious to hear from you out there to see how each of you are tackling the new program...or handling the second go-through of PWO1.

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Lori said...

Adding weights has been nice, although I'm finding it harder to maintain intensity because switching exercises in the set is not as seamless when you need to grab a kettlebell--(choose how heavy kb), make sure I'm doing the exercise properly etc. I think it will smooth out over time.

I did the HK2E's as best as I could with my door frame bar. Hopefully, my form is right. Felt like they're working those muscles deep so that's a good sign.

I think am not good at all with the figure 8 to hold...