Saturday, February 14, 2009

Exercise of the Week: US Secret Service Snatch Test

The US Secret Service Snatch Test (abbreviated SSST) has become a benchmark workout. There is a score, and it can be compared to others. Here are the basics:
  • Use a 53#KB (or 24kg)
  • Do as many snatches as possible
  • In 10 minutes
  • Switch hands as necessary
  • Tally total repetitions
Here is an article that fully explains it. From DragonDoor.

I did this today. I'm using the sleepiness of 4am as my excuse as to why I thought this was to be completed with a 35#KB (duh!). I also purposely added the difficulty of tapping the ground between each repetition. With that variation, I was able to collect some good data with regards to Power Output. My score: 178.  That's a pretty poor score, but I'm not even going to let that factor in.  Again, I did not do the snatch movement as prescribed (as I did a more challenging option) but I did use a lighter load.  In the coming weeks, I will tackle the SSST with the proper form and proper weight for an accurate score.

Performance Output data:
Work = 41,500 ft-lbs
Power = 94 Watts
Power/BW ratio = 0.86 Watts/kg

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