Friday, February 13, 2009

More climbing options

Three odd coincidental happenings during the past couple of weeks:
  • Brian M wrote a post a few weeks back called "Climbing."  Since then, I have received a lot of feedback from Trinity Training Group readers who expressed an interest in some sort of climbing...whether rock, mountain, or indoor sport.
  • The National Strength and Conditioning Association ( has a branch called Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC). They published a report back in October 2007 which included a piece on suspension strap training. I has stumbled across this article recently.
  • This week, I met with a local fitness trainer who had the TRX straps (as depicted in the TSAC report) hanging in his studio. This was my first live experience with the TRX straps.
These three independent yet related incidents have caused me to re-examine all sorts of climbing training. (I guess someone wants me to get more fully into it!) It is hard to argue against upper body climbing movements such as the pullup and the inverted row...both included in the Prison Workout.  Then comes the MuscleUp.

I know some of these below aren't "pure" climber trainers, but lumping these pieces of equipment into a bundle is reasonable. They all work similar body functions critical to climbing.
See what additions you can make with either one of these commercial pieces, or something similar you can make at home.

Photo courtesy of: Indiana SWAT Officers Association. Photo is of FIAT SWAT Taskforce at the 2004 Indiana SWAT Challenge.

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