Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Tackle the Tower" Wattage Calculator

As I promised, I am posting some information about calculating Power Output for the stair climb. As a reminder, here is a link to a previous post regarding some Power Outputs for stair training sessions.

P = (BW x 310 x 1.3558)/T
  • P = power in unit of measurement "Watts"
  • BW= climber's weight in pounds
  • 310= height of total displacement in feet (event-specific)
  • 1.3558 = adjustment to Watts from ft-lbs/sec
  • T= climber's time in seconds

So my wattage for the 4:52 was.....342 Watts! Compared to training sessions, this was high. The highest attained wattage during training was only 178 Watts, about half of the intensity of the actual competition. I guess I need to make some adjustments to training next year!  I can make the adjustments by doing more work in a taller building, thereby decreasing "down" time....pun not intended.

If you calculate your own Power Output, be sure to post in a comment.


J Wood said...

My Power output was a meager 208.36Definately room for improvement

Anonymous said...

307.5, if I did it right, I know I could of pushed myself a little more

Anonymous said...

This is a good formula, thanks.

If you're doing sets of stair climbs with jogging down in between, do you give yourself 0 wattage for the rest period? I know it's not as hard as the way up, but I am still doing some work.

I used this calculator to get the total joules for my workout which included other movements:

P.S. This post doesn't have a "stairs" tag.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the 310 number from?
The race has 664 stairs, each with 7 inches of rise.
(7 x 664 / 12 )= 387 vertical feet.

Louis Hayes said...

UPDATED: 422 Watts with height of 387ft. Thanks to whoever measured this!