Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tackle the Tower 2009 Results

The results have been tabulated for the Tackle the Tower climb. My team (green) lost out to another (yellow) in the Police Division. If we had to come in second, those were the guys I don't mind losing out to. (There were a lot more PD climbers, but I only list those we know and work with.)
  • 4:06 Jason C
  • 4:17 Raven
  • 4:27 Huck
  • 4:47 Shirley
  • 4:52 Lou H
  • 4:55 Brad H
  • 5:00 Mark W
  • 5:07 Mark K
  • 5:53 Woody
  • 6:05 Froggy
I did manage to make my goal of beating last year's time. I've consistently gotten faster each of the 4 or 5 years I've done this climb. That's the proof of a performance-based WO system!

Check back, as I'll be doing a little Power Study. I'll post the formula for you to calculate your wattage as you climbed.

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